The Urban Air Mobility initiatives of Airbus
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The Urban Air Mobility initiatives of Airbus

Monday, 11 March 2019

During Amsterdam Drone Week we spoke to Joerg Mueller, in charge of the Program Management and Strategy Functions of the new Urban Air Mobility Organization at Airbus. For him, mobility is a solution to the growing traffic problem in mega cities. Flying from A to B without facing the problems you might have by traveling on the ground, will be the future.

Airbus sees a future where it is possible to book your commute with an app. The system proposes the most efficient and quick trajectory based on your destination. This flying vehicle will be a solution for the parts of cities that are the most congestive or have problem with transportation

According to Joerg Muller, Airbus is still in the exploration phase when it comes to the kind of vehicle that is needed. This vehicle should be highly eco-efficient, which means it should have a low environmental footprint, a low or no CO2 emission and no noise level. The cost level is the most competitive part.

Today, you can fly with Voom, a helicopter booking platform, existing in Sao Paolo and Mexico City. With one click, you book your trip with a helicopter and fly to your destination.

Airbus is doing a lot of technical explorations and demonstrations to see what the future can bring. During Amsterdam Drone Week 2018, Airbus showed different projects such as City Airbus, an urban air taxi, Sky Ways, a Cargo Delivery Drone and Vahana, a self-piloted vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) passenger aircraft.

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