Board of Recommendation

The Board of Recommendation consists of a selected number of representatives from the aviation and aerospace sector, governmental bodies and educational institutions. The board advises the organising partners of Amsterdam Drone Week on strategic issues which are in the interest of the sector, the general public and/or the Amsterdam Drone Week.

Tineke Bakker - van der Veen

Managing Director, Boeing Benelux & Nordics

Michiel van Dorst

CEO Air Traffic Control The Netherlands (LVNL)

Jan Hendrik Dronkers

Director General Aviation and Maritime affairs Dutch Ministry of Transportation

Thomas Enders


Massimo Garbini


Anne Cor Groeneveld

Chairman of the Board JetSupport Group & Chairman Da Vinci Committee

“The drone industry will cause a bigger disruption than the introduction of manned flight despite the fact that they will carry many people”.

Peter Hartman

Member of the Supervisory Board KPN (former CEO KLM)

"Drones are a great addition to our aerospace activities. The drone will play an important role in our society in the near future, both in logistics, medical, military, but also in the many enforcement and surveillance tasks. The biggest challenge will be, however, to develop a system of transparent, properly enforceable regulations for our already overcrowded airspace. If this does not happen in time, this will lead to over-regulation."

Lieutenant General Jac Jansen

Chairman Supervisory Board Netherlands Aerospace Centre & Chairman Netherlands Aerospace Fund

"In many business activities, drones can and will substitute traditional methods of operation, time- as well as cost-efficient. Besides that they have the potential to also enhance data analytics, which will allow for better comprehension and prediction of operating performance. We are just now touching the tip of the iceberg in terms of harnessing the true power of drones in a wide range of possible applications. It will be very hard to predict the speed of technological evolution within the industry, which obviously will determine practical usage of drones. My personal interest for drones focuses, no surprise, on their future use in the field of security and safety."

Jacques Kruse Brandao

Head of Political Affairs & Public Co-Creation, NXP

"The emerging drone market will generate interesting opportunities for many stakeholders. By taking over lessons learned from other segments like e.g. Automotive, IoT Security, regulation on Traffic participation or proposals from discussions around connected and automated driving we might be able to generate trust towards the citizens while enabling various businesses to prosper. Already proven technologies in car-2-car communication, electronic identification in IoT devices and cybersecurity features available will enable safe flying even in urban environments already soon. I am very much looking forward to it!"

Patrick Ky

Executive Director of EASA 

"The drone industry is developing at fast pace and has a great potential for producing new jobs and growth. We as EASA are supporting this promising industry by providing a level playing field within the European Union. We recently published the first formal Opinion on safe operations for small drones in Europe which enables free circulation of drones, while also respecting the privacy and security of EU citizens, and allowing the drone industry to remain agile, to innovate and continue to grow. The Amsterdam Drone Week offers the unique opportunity to bring together top European policy makers, regulators and industry experts to discuss and explore together the latest UAS technologies. EASA will be key partner of this event."

Lieutenant General Dennis Luyt

Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force

Pablo Mendes de Leon

Professor of Air and Space Law and Director IIASL at University of Leiden

Rob van Nieuwland

Chairman of DARPAS, The Dutch Association for professional use of RPAS

"This new kid on the block will be the game changer in aviation. Market studies (i.e. SESARJU’s report: The Drone Outlook Study) foresee a steady growing market as soon as the restricting rules become more loose and more based on the real risks encountered. This will certainly improve for us with the approaching change from national legislation to European legislation. Making it possible to operate in more urban environments will create more job opportunities, as well as that operating beyond visual eye contact with the drone will create a complete new line of businesses. To empower this development we strongly need the support of the end users. They need to learn what is possible and how working with drones can improve their way of working. Together we create a new unmanned aviation branch, which will without question influence the way current manned aviation performs."

Robert Otto

Member of the Executive Board of Achmea

“As the development of the drone market will change many industries, it will also have a big impact on (the reductions of) risks”.

HH Prince Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau

Michel Peters

Chief Executive Officer NLR

Jaiwon Shin

Associate Administrator for ARMD, NASA

Henri Werij

Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (AE), Delft University

Ben Marcus

Co-founder & Chairman of AirMap