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Building the UAM ecosystem

Amsterdam Drone Week is the global platform for sharing knowledge on current air solutions, potential innovations and vital regulations. During ADW, all key players, big and small, commercial and non-commercial, from various industries, knowledge institutes and authorities, gather to co-create and co-operate.

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What is Amsterdam Drone Week about?


Why Amsterdam Drone Week?

“The EU needs to take a leading role worldwide in developing the right framework for this market to flourish, by unleashing the benefits for key economic sectors,” says Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport (source: unmannedcargoaircraftconference.com).

And that’s exactly what we’re doing here. The global market for drone powered business solutions is currently worth 127.3 billion dollars and will grow immensely in the coming few years. One of the reasons being the European drone framework that is predicted to be in place by 2020. Due to this framework, endless of – at the moment – far future technologies and applications will suddenly be within reach. 


Who attends?

Amsterdam Drone Week is the meeting point that facilitates and stimulates the exchange, conversation and agreement on global air innovation. Our goal is to create a trustworthy and open-minded setting where knowledge is shared beyond boundaries, leading the way to the next level in innovation.

Join an international community of innovators and like-minded professionals
See applications in action and serious air solutions that will amaze you
Gather professional perspectives on opportunities and future technologies 
Develop reliable global air solutions together with your next business partners




The road to integration of eVTOLs in cities

The road to integration of eVTOLs in cities

  • By Amsterdam Drone Week
  • |
  • 14-10-2020

DDD foundation brings UAM a step closer

DDD foundation brings UAM a step closer

  • By Amsterdam Drone Week
  • |
  • 06-10-2020

EASA publishes FAQs on drone regulations

EASA publishes FAQs on drone regulations

  • By Amsterdam Drone Week
  • |
  • 30-09-2020

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