South Korea aims to commercialise aerial mobility by 2025 together with Hyundia
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South Korea aims to commercialise aerial mobility by 2025 together with Hyundia

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

South Korea aims to commercialise the aerial mobility by 2025 in order to address congestion issues in the busy urban areas such as Seoul. The South Korean government partners with Hyundai Motor Group in order to achieve this.

By 2025, South Korea hopes to start with the aerial mobility services, where personal air vehicles (PAVs) will fly predetermined routes over major cities. They would like to start with two terminals and in 5 years they hope to expand to at least ten terminals.

Hyundai Motor Group will work together with other local companies in order to push the UAM commercialisation project according to the Ministry. The government predicts that the aerial mobility market will reach $11 billion dollars by 2040, because aerial mobility services will support the existing transportation infrastructure in order to minor the traffic congestion in urban cities. Therefore, the PAVs will have a speed range between 30 – 50 km. The ministry announced as well that with introducing these PAVs that an industrial ecosystem will rise, where companies work together to cover all of the phases of the product.

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