RAI Amsterdam arena for Drone Racing World Series
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RAI Amsterdam arena for Drone Racing World Series

Thursday, 8 November 2018

World Top present at Amsterdam Drone Week show event at the end of November

Amsterdam, 8 November 2018 - Amsterdam Drone Week is not only the stage where safety and technology is discussed at the highest level, it also forms the stage for international drone races. Pilots from all over the world will compete with each other from 27 to 29 November. They have to navigate their unmanned aircraft at high speed across a track and through aluminum obstacles wearing special video glasses and using a joystick.

Among the participants in the so-called Drone Racing World Series are two teenagers who can compete with the best drone racers on earth: the 11-year-old Erick Carratala from Spain and the 14-year-old South Korean Min Chan Kim. By comparison, the average droner is over forty years. Remarkable drone pilots are also Lexie Janson and Nadeshda Boysen from Germany: women of 25 and 27 years old who hold their own in a man's world. The provisional field also includes Karan Gharbharan and Thierry Ligeon from the Netherlands, Ivan Merino and Nacho Feced from Spain and Rafael Paiva from Brazil as special guest.


The races are organized by the Dutch company FormulaFPV, take place three to four times a day and last half an hour. These spectacular shows will be held in a specially prepared drone cage with the audience watching from stands. "During each demonstration, four visitors are picked from the audience and they get an extra experience. They receive video glasses, sit in front of the pilot and see the same as he does during the race, "explains CEO Lars Sang Mo Boom. "The only thing missing is that they can drive the drone themselves." The shows will be presented by the renowned English sports commentator Regan Tetlow.

Boom wants to bring the new sports concept to the attention with the races. "Our goal is to introduce all policymakers who participate in Amsterdam Drone Week to drone racing. I think it's important that they realize that there are not only practical applications for drones such as inspection and delivery, but that dronesport and the Drone Racing World Series are also part of the drone industry."

RAI Amsterdam arena for Drone Racing World Series

World Champion

The races are a prelude to the Drone Racing World Series next year. The demonstration phase will be over by then and in three tournaments - in Amsterdam, London and Hamburg – it is fought out which country may call itself World Champion. Each country team consists of two pilots.

FormulaFPV is not only the organizer of the races. This partner of Amsterdam Drone Week also takes part in the content of the program with a panel discussion and a presentation about this fast-growing sport. Those interested can visit Amsterdam Drone Week for free by registering at https://www.amsterdamdroneweek.com.

RAI Amsterdam arena for Drone Racing World Series

About FormulaFPV

Amsterdam-based FormulaFPV (a DroneTech B.V. brand) has organized more than 25 international Drone Racing events over the past 5 years, in venues such as the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, IFEMA in Madrid and Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo. Next year, the first season of the Drone Racing World Series will be launched, a team competition with participants from around the world. Until December of this year, brands still have the opportunity to register as a sponsor via info@formula-fpv.com. Networks can show their interest to broadcast the Drone Racing World Series via the same e-mail address.

About Amsterdam Drone Week

During Amsterdam Drone Week experts from around the world discuss the possibilities and challenges of drones. Representatives of governments, manufacturers and users will meet at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre from 27 to 29 November to share information on the latest developments and applications in the field of technology, safety, sustainability, mobility and regulation of drones and to find solutions for the challenges that come with the use of these unmanned aircrafts.

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Lars Sang Mo Boom, CEO FormulaFPV
+31 6 39 79 13 55

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RAI Amsterdam arena for Drone Racing World Series


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