UPDATED: Improving life with tech | Drone initiatives during COVID-19
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UPDATED: Improving life with tech | Drone initiatives during COVID-19

Monday, 6 April 2020

We believe that the application of technology should lead to progress, making our lives better and easier in both a physical and psychological way. That’s why we stimulate the global conversation on tech innovation. During these challenging times, tech innovation have the opportunity to implement innovations that could benefit the society. All over the world, drones are used for medical goods transportation, surveying, cleaning and food transportation. This article will be weekly updated with new drone initiatives.

5 ways how drones can speed up the fight against COVID-19
1. Disinfection
2. Detection
3. Monitoring and Crowd Guidance
4. Goods Delivery
5. Broadcasting
Read the full article here here

Geely (Chinese carmaker) will deliver car keys by drone
The customers of Geely do have a full customer experience, since Geely offers the option to buy a car online and have the car delivered at their home or office since February 2020. However, during these challenging times with the coronavirus, Geely offers the option to deliver the car keys by a drone as well in order to have limited human contact.
Read more about this initiative here

Drones used to do crowd control in public places in the Netherlands
Drones are used in the Netherlands, to see if the citizens are following the rules of the government with regards to COVID-19. During the weekend, the drones will be used in public places such as the park or beach. When citizens ignore the social distance, the drone will use a megaphone to warn the people.
Read the full (dutch) article here.

Malaysia use drones to control public movement
The government of Malaysia will use drones in order to see if the citizens are enforcing the curfew and to control the citizens during the coronavirus outbreak. The task of surveillance will be supported by drones and UAVs.
Read here the full article. 

Spanish police use drones to inform citizens
The Spanish Police is using drones to inform people to stay at home during coronavirus outbreak. The drones are using megaphones to give warnings to people in public parks.
Read more about this initiative here

Drones used for medical goods transport in China
Antwork Technology, partner of Amsterdam Drone Week 2019 is also contributing to fight the coronavirus. The Terra drone is used to transport medical samples and quarantine supplies across China. The medical drone flew from the People’s Hospital of Xinchang County to the disease control center of Xinchang County. This was the launch of the first ever urban air transportation channel used for the fight against COVID-19.
Read more about this medical drone delivery here.


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