From raising funds to a revolutionary technology
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From raising funds to a revolutionary technology

Monday, 17 September 2018

Amsterdam Drone Week’s partner, Commercial UAV News, recently had an interview with Spencer Gore, CEO and founder of Impossible Aerospace. Spencer is a former member of the battery engineering team of Tesla.
Over the last two years, Impossible Aerospace has raised over $11 million in funding and their first prototype, the US-1, an electric commercial drone, which can fly up to 2 hours, is ready for production.
The project started as a concept between a group of friends from Tesla, SpaceX, and other companies.

Every ounce counts

"We are not building drones and we don’t waste any space or weight on the structure of the aircraft, we are building flying batteries. Every ounce of weight in our UAVs is dedicated to generating power." says Gore. Impossible Aerospace is convinced that their solution lies in the design and materials. They already sold their first drones in the U.S. Due to privacy and national security issues, Impossible Aerospace confirms "that every US-1 will be engineered and assembled entirely in the United States."

Read more about Impossible Aerospace's revolutionary technology here.


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