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Airhub launches new drone app

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The AirHub app is already a convenient tool for professional drone pilots. Not only does the app provide support during flight preparation, it is also possible to control your DJI drone and log all data of your flight (automatically). With the new major update, it is now possible to register incidents, record maintenance activities and show different map layers.

Made by drone pilots, for drone pilots
The AirHub app is an app that is made by drone pilots, for drone pilots. The purpose is that the app supports the drone pilot in all aspects of flying drones professionally, including preparing your flight. The app contains an interactive map with no-fly zones and an overview of the current and expected weather conditions.

Plan a flight on location is very easy, this is possible from the home screen through the built-in flight plan. Here you can, among other things, mark the area in which you will fly and add notes, consent forms and documents. You can also indicate in the flight plan which drone and battery (s) are flown and which other equipment (such as cameras) is used during the flight. In the paid version it is also possible to go through checklists before and after the flight.

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The basic version of the AirHub app is free to download. You need to take out a subscription for extensive functionalities, such as drawing up checklists and managing teams. This can be done per month, per six months or per year.The AirHub app is available for both iPhone and iPad and Android.

About AirHub
AirHub B.V. develops software and mobile applications for unmanned aerial vehicles and carries out consultancy work for organizations in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. At AirHub B.V. we can use the full potential of drones for organizations with the right tools, training and support , software for managing drone activities and guidance in policy and risk assessment.

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