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Volocopter and Intel present joint venture at CEBIT 2018

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Yesterday Volocopter and Intel presented their joint venture during CEBIT2018. Intel is an essential player in the Drone ecosystem and Volocopter offers a top notch solution that will play an important role in the emerging industry around urban air mobility.

Volocopter, an Intel-backed startup, is an important player in the development of vertically launching, fully electrical multicopters (eVTOL) as autonomous air taxis for human transportation. The technical platform permits piloted, remote controlled and fully autonomous flights. The company’s stated objective is “to make every human’s dream of flying come true and to help modern cities resolve their increasing mobility issues”.

Intel already capped its keynote presentation at CES beginning this year by letting the Volocopter VC200 (an 18-rotor air taxi prototype) fly across the stage.

The Volocopter 2X (VC200) is a vertical takeoff aircraft for two passengers that uses electric propulsion only. It is designed as autonomous air taxi to alleviate bottle necks in high traffic mega cities. Taking a volocopter to your next meeting will be about the same cost as a taxi on the ground, but much faster. The VTOL represents a technology platform for a range of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. The current work focuses on the Volocopter 2X, which received the 'permit-to-fly' as an ultralight aircraft from German aviation authorities in February 2016.

Brian Krzanich, Intel Corporation chief executive officer, visited Germany in late 2017 for a ride on the Volocopter. The short ride is a hint into the future of urban mobility.

We would like to welcome both parties to Amsterdam Drone Week to showcase the role they play in the future of urban mobility.

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