Urban air operations

Enhance the safety and efficiency of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations

Wednesday, 21 February 2024

Telefónica Tech and EHang, a leading eVTOL technology company, announce their partnership to advance Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in Europe and Latin America. Leveraging Telefónica Tech's connectivity expertise, including 5G and private networks, they aim to enhance the safety and efficiency of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations and expand smart aerial solutions.

EHang has selected Telefónica Tech's connectivity capabilities to bolster UAM in both regions and further deploy its smart solutions with UAVs. The collaboration will focus on implementing use cases in various sectors, including passenger transport, logistics, healthcare, emergency response, and Smart City management.

Additionally, Telefónica and EHang plan to collaborate on Drone Light Shows using swarms of drones, aiming to digitize and enhance the sustainability of large-scale events.

Connectivity is pivotal in UAM development. 5G networks ensure reliable communication, low latency, and high data transmission capacity, optimizing real-time control and monitoring of aircraft. Moreover, private mobile networks enhance data privacy and security, particularly in isolated areas.

The partnership aims to develop connectivity solutions based on mobile networks for the seamless integration of drones and eVTOL aircraft with digital unmanned air traffic management systems (UTM and U-Space). Both companies utilize Telefónica Tech’s advanced IoT environment, TheThinX laboratory, and EHang’s Urban Air Mobility Centre in Europe for this collaboration.

Victoria Jing Xiang, EHang’s COO for Europe and Latam, expressed enthusiasm, noting Telefónica Tech’s capabilities will enable efficient and secure deployment of EHang’s solutions, benefiting millions.

Alfredo Serret, Global Head of IoT at Telefónica Tech, highlighted the partnership's role in shaping the future of air mobility, emphasizing the combined capabilities to enable connected, safe, efficient, and sustainable air mobility for all in Europe and Latin America.

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