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ANRA Technologies and NAVOS Air collaborate to develop vertiports for Urban Air Mobility

Thursday, 21 December 2023

ANRA Technologies, a prominent global player in unmanned vehicle mission management and operational solutions, has joined forces with NAVOS Air, a company specializing in Instrument Flight Procedure Products and Services. The collaboration aims to integrate flightpath procedures into ANRA's Vertiport Management Service, specifically tailored for Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft operations in the realm of Urban Air Mobility.

The partnership brings together cutting-edge services and technologies to expedite the implementation of safe and compliant vertiports across the United States.

NAVOS Air holds authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the development and maintenance of non-Part 97 (special) satellite-based performance-based navigation (PBN) instrument flight procedures (IFPs). Additionally, the company is empowered to conduct Heliport evaluation and designation.


Ty Le Roy, Chief Designer at NAVOS Air, emphasized the significance of their expertise in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) instrument procedure integration. Le Roy stated, “As an extension of our AAM instrument procedure integration work, we were able to leverage our helicopter, low-level flight, and regulatory experience to obtain the first FAA conditional approval for a vertiport.” He further explained that the collaboration with ANRA would build upon this success, focusing on designing FAA-compliant flight path infrastructure integrated into ANRA's software, supporting VTOL aircraft arrivals and departures from vertiports.


ANRA Technologies recently introduced its Vertiport Management System (VMS), a versatile, web-based software platform designed to adapt to various aircraft, vertiports, and locations. The system intelligently exchanges real-time data with essential services to facilitate efficient vertiport operations. Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies, highlighted the company's unique position in the market, stating, “While many vertiport providers are busy building the physical infrastructure and conceptualizing the passenger experience, ANRA has developed the digital layer.” Ganjoo emphasized that partnering with NAVOS allows them to offer a more comprehensive solution to the market, particularly when combined with their Urban Air Mobility traffic management technology.

The collaborative efforts between ANRA and NAVOS will also draw upon ANRA’s extensive experience in developing Urban Air Mobility (UAM) traffic management capabilities in collaboration with the FAA, NASA, and international entities. This collaboration aims to empower UAM operators to efficiently plan and execute their flight operations from pad to pad, supported by a comprehensive suite of services.

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