UTC establishes a global industry standard
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UTC establishes a global industry standard

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

On 27 September 2018, DJI launched the Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Centre in Europe. This programme has been designed to provide drone operators with classroom and field training. The programme will be offered in DFC in Hoofddorp and at Space53 in Enschede.

“The aerial photography course will include the operational know-how (e.g. basic UAV regulations, product knowledge, flight planning and operational best practices) as well as the creative aspect (e.g. camera knowledge, aerial photography techniques and the post-production process).”

All participants must complete two tests: knowledge and flight test. After successfully passing both tests, participants will receive a UTC certificate and a Remotely Piloted Aircraft License.
In order to grow the UAS ecosystem and bring drone technology to different industries, DJI and its partners look forward to working with professionals and enterprises in Europe.

Read more about this UTC programme here.