Integrated skies

The creation of a shared U-space and the future of autonomous flight

Friday, 10 December 2021

Sebastian Babiarz was one of the speakers during the Amsterdam Drone Week. He is Head of Strategic business Development at Airmap. During Amsterdam Drone Week he discussed the questions facing the creation of a shared U-space and the future of autonomous flight in Europe under Urban Air Mobility.

What make the U-space a critical component?

“So the U-space: I love the analogy where I compare U-space to a table. U-space is just the base. U-space is the really solid base which we have to build on to create verticals. Air taxis will not exist without solid U-space services. Drone deliveries will not exist without a solid base of U-space. Drone inspection will not exist without that. So U-space is a really important component on top of which we’ll build the verticals that will create a lot of value for society. I truly believe that’s going to happen sooner rather than later and events like that are just fostering it, and creating the momentum to understand that we have to focus. We have to create the right regulation backed by the right technology, then we fly.”

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