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Eve Air chooses Southeast Asia as a testing ground for air taxis

Wednesday, 21 February 2024

Embraer's air taxi subsidiary, Eve Air Mobility, targets Southeast Asia as a prime market for its electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi. Teaming up with Singapore-based Yugo Global Industries, they aim to explore UAM potential, infrastructure needs, and regulatory aspects. Yugo, specializing in private aviation across Southeast Asia, brings valuable insights. Eve emphasizes the importance of partnerships like this in driving eVTOL progress.

Eve's innovative eVTOL design, with a lift-plus-cruise system, is set to undergo testing this year. The company boasts a significant backlog of preorders and is backed by reputable suppliers like Thales and Honeywell. Collaborations with stakeholders like Ascent and Skyports are shaping the regional ecosystem for air mobility. Eve highlights upcoming developments in Southeast Asia, suggesting growing readiness for air taxi services by 2026.

With its parent company, Embraer, Eve plans to provide Southeast Asian customers access to global service centers. They are also developing customer support solutions, including flight operations and eVTOL health monitoring. In the U.S., Eve eyes a partnership with United Airlines for operations in the San Francisco Bay Area, alongside plans with Blade Air Mobility for South Florida service expansion.


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