Taking the industry forward: Challenges and Opportunities for the UAM-Ecosystem
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Taking the industry forward: Challenges and Opportunities for the UAM-Ecosystem

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The world is upside down since the COVID-19 crisis and the impact is unprecedented on the aviation industry. The industry suffers from a significant loss of revenue for airlines, ANSP’s and airports. A tremendous productivity slowdown for aircraft manufacturers and suppliers is awaiting through the crisis.

While the aviation industry is facing unprecedented times, drone operators, UTM- and Telecom providers reported an increase in activity last months. The COVID-19 crisis caused an acceleration of the usage of drones, think of drones used for surveillance, for inspection, as warning systems for citizens and for medical delivery. The autonomous UAM vehicle of E-hang is a good example of a drone used well during the crisis. The E-hang delivered medical supplies in the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak, Wuhan (China).

“During our virtual Board of Recommendation Meeting, where the top of the whole UAM industry gathered, we have learned that the digital infrastructure and digital connectivity are more critical than ever, now and in the future” says Nynke Lipsius, Director of Amsterdam Drone Week. She continues “We noticed that themes such as local supply chains, smart logistics, sustainability and funding are now on top of the agenda’s in Europe, Asia and the US.”


“Right now it’s necessary to connect the UAM ecosystem and to collaborate on taking this industry forward” says Lipsius. “The last few weeks showed us that there is an ongoing need of connecting and sharing knowledge during these challenging times, and technology is at hand to build a hybrid event to reach out on a global scale virtually and also can be visited live onsite, if this is possible and safe”.


Amsterdam Drone Week expands their activities with two Hybrid Summits this year, in September and December. This new layout for Amsterdam Drone Week in September and December offers an opportunity for a positive change. “We have renewed our partnerships in order to match the wishes and goals of our (future) partners, the focus on connections and sharing knowledge are on the top of our agenda’s” mentions Lindomar Minguel, Head of Partnerships.

This year we will address the following themes and topics during our ADW Hybrid Events:

1. U-space Opinion: contain and impact
2. Discuss the impact of UAM on cities, societies, populated areas? And what is required to keep our skies safe and secure?
3. All one in the sky: integrated skies and harmonizing regulations for air traffic management
4. Fundraising and investments for the drone/UAM industry: what is necessary for the future?
5. Technology & Solutions on UAS Transport & Logistics, automated & autonomous , (local) supply chains and sustainability

Next year, besides our annual ‘flagship event’ in Amsterdam in December (with the EASA High Level Conference on Drones and the Commercial UAV Expo Europe again from 2021 onwards), we expand our platform with hybrid events in March (World ATM, Madrid), June and September (Commercial UAV Expo Americas, Las Vegas).

“The ADW matchmaking app was already a great success during our last edition in 2019 with 1,226 successful new matches between visitors and delegates, so this will be one of our top priorities for the Hybrid Summits in 2020 and 2021” says Minguel.


The ADW-team would like to have a more in depth conversation about the themes and topics that are important to address in 2020 and 2021, so we will reach out to each member and partner in the coming few weeks. If you are interesting to join or would like to be involved, please reach out to l.minguel@rai.nl


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