8 - 10 April 2025 | ADW 2025

Specific Terms & Conditions Event Participation

These Specific Terms and Conditions for Event Participation (the Specific Event Terms) apply to participation in ADW Hybrid 16-18 April 2024 (the Event). In addition to these Specific Event Terms, the Standard Terms and Conditions of Event Participation (the Standard Event Terms) also apply. Terms in these Specific Event Terms with a capital letter have the same definition given to them in the Standard Event Terms.  

The Event is organised by RAI Amsterdam B.V. RAI’s mailing address is:

RAI Amsterdam B.V.,
Project team ADW 
P.O. Box 77777
1070 MS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)20 549 12 12
W: www.amsterdamdroneweek.com
E: amsterdamdroneweek@rai.nl


The Event will be held from 16-18 April 2024 in hall 11 and the Forum (entrance E) of the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, Europaplein 24 in Amsterdam. All relevant information regarding the Event and the Event program can be found at www.amsterdamdroneweek.com.


The Event will be open to delegates:

  • Tuesday 16 April 2024 | 09.00 - 18.00 hours
  • Wednesday 17 April 2024 | 09.00 - 18.00 hours
  • Thursday 18 April 2024 | 09.00 - 18.00 hours

For our partners (Participants), the Convention Centre will be accessible on Event days from two hours before the opening until two hours after the closing of the Event.

RAI will be open for the construction of stands and the delivery of goods from:

  • Sunday 14 April 2024 08.00 - 22.00 hours Only for stand constructors & suppliers
  • Monday 15 April 2024  08.00 - 17.00 hours For all partners of ADW 2024

The hospitality stands (‘ready-to-use stands’) and pavilions can be decorated on Monday 15 April 2024 between 08.00 and 17.00 hours.


Goods should be removed and stands dismantled and removed between:

  • Thursday 18 April 2024 | 19.00 - 22.00 hours
  • Friday 19 April 2024 | 08.00 - 16.30 hours

Participants using hospitality (‘ready-to-use stands’) stand construction should clear these on Thursday 18 April 2024 between 19.00 - 22.00 hours.

Products and services are only authorised for display at the Event if, in the opinion of RAI, they conform to the scope of the Event. Authorisation is at the full discretion of RAI, or any committee designated by RAI. 

In addition to article 2 of the General Event Terms you can also apply for participation in the Event by sending an email to m.aguirre@rai.nl including:

  • company name;
  • company address, website and contact details;
  • legal representative name;
  • participation package preference (see ADW partnerships)
  • a description of your business including relevant products and services;
  • VAT number;
  • specific interests.

If you apply for participation conform article 5.1, RAI will inform you of the package awarded to you by return email as soon as possible. This email will include a confirmation of participation, to be signed by your legal representative and returned to RAI, and an invoice, to be paid in full within 21 days but no later than 5 days prior to the Event (the Payment Term). The Participation Agreement between you and RAI on the basis of which you are entitled to take part as such in the Event is concluded as soon as a signed confirmation of participation is received by RAI or full payment is received by RAI within the Payment Term, at which the participation package is yours. RAI is free to allocate the package to another party if the signed confirmation of participation has not been received by RAI within 21 days after the date of dispatch or the invoices is not paid within the Payment Term. Participation packages are awarded to you personally and may not be resold.

Participants may be manufacturers, representatives, importers, wholesalers, exporters, publishing companies and other service providers, as long as they are economically active in the field of Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles- en Systems, Urban Air Mobility, Air Traffic Control, Unmanned Traffic Control, Autonomous Mobility, AI, Connectivity and Aviation industry. Authorisation of Participants is at the full discretion of RAI, who may refuse Participants without incurring any liability.


Special activities at stands, such as product presentations, performances and shows, may only take place if written permission is granted by RAI. Please note that permission must be requested in writing at the least 30 days before the beginning of the construction period. This permission is subject to various conditions, including that the activity must be situated in such a way that interested visitors and delegates do not block the corridors. 


A registration fee of € 545,- is charged per application. The registration fee is non-refundable.
This registration fee includes:

  • Name on participants list website of (www.amsterdamdroneweek.com);
  • Name on participants list in Event program;
  • Company profile for brief company presentation and matchmaking possibilities during ADW events;
  • Access to the Exhibitor Portal and Web Shop and ability to use several offers from preferred suppliers;
  • Partner badges (based on the type of partner package).

    For each additional party that exhibits within the space rented by a main Participant, a registration fee of
    545,- will be charged to the main Participant. This ‘co exhibitor’ will receive the same package as the main participant (see mentioned above). Please fill in an additional registration form per co-exhibitor.


    For year-round participation in the Event, RAI offers 4 types of year-round participation packages:

  • Branding & Exposure Package
  • Thought-leadership Package
  • Founding Partnership (only for partners that founded ADW from the start)
  • City & Region Area

    For participation in the Event, RAI offers 6 types of Event participation packages:

  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package
  • Platinum Package
  • Presentation Package
  • Panel Participation
  • Use Case/ Startup Presentation

RAI reserves the right to increase the rental price of floor space up to a maximum of € 50,- (excl. VAT) per square meter (m2) if, in the opinion of RAI, the increasing energy consumption costs cause to do so, without this giving the Participant any right to cancel its participation at the Event free of charge.


In addition to article 4.1 and 4.2 of the Standard Event Terms, RAI has the right to change the concept of the Event from hybrid to only online if measures presented by the Dutch competent authorities regarding global pandemic prevent RAI to allow Participants, visitors and delegates unrestricted access to the Convention Centre during the Event. Once RAI decides to cancel the Event physically however continues online, there shall be deviated from the Specific Terms article 4.3 to cover costs RAI makes regarding the online event, the Participant is obliged to pay the Participation Costs. Participants that purchased a package including a stand will receive a refund per square meter of € 150,- per m2. This refund will be deducted from the possible outstanding claim or will be paid within 60 days after RAI has made the decision to cancel the event.


In accordance with the terms set out in the Standard Event Terms. 

To set their company in the spotlight before, during and after the Event, RAI offers participants several Media Solutions. A few examples:

  • Online advertising and social media;
  • Advertising in- and around the Convention Centre;
  • Video & Narrowcasting; and/or
  • Video- and/or Content product (company profile, interview, whitepaper, etc.)

When purchasing Media Solutions the Standard Terms and Conditions for Media Solutions apply.

For more information please contact the Organisation at T. +31 (0)20 549 12 12,
E. amsterdamdroneweek@rai.nl


Participants using stands with multiple stories, a gallery and/or podia (> 60 cm) must request a permit at the latest eight weeks before the beginning of construction. The application forms for these permits can be found in RAI’s Web Shop. Participants receive login codes for the Web Shop in due course. In case of questions, please contact RAI’s Licenses department T: +31 (0)6 2250 8611 or E: permits@rai.nl.

If building with extra stories, a Participants will also be charged 50% of the hire of stand space per square metre. 

14 - VAT Regulations
Due to VAT rules regarding the place of supply of services, whereby RAI does not have to invoice Dutch VAT on stand rental and stand construction, Participants must enter their full VAT number on the Registration Form or enclose a statement from the tax authorities that qualifies them as a taxable person. If this information is not provided, we are obliged to charge Dutch VAT on all our invoices. This rule only applies to non-Dutch Participants.