partnership bam infra and drone flight company


Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Drones make the construction industry safer and more efficient

Inspections and mapping of the infrastructure can be done safer and more efficient by using drones. An inspector no longer has to use road barriers and is no longer doing his job alongside the rushing traffic. Just an example of the many possibilities in construction.

Partnership BAM Infra and Drone Flight Company
Just like other tools you need to be trained to know how to handle a drone safely. That’s why BAM Infra choose to partner up with Drone Flight Company to have its staff trained to become certified drone pilots. Together they have developed a manual with the safety regulations. As soon as the manual has been approved by the government BAM is able to use their ‘tools’ in 95% of the Dutch airspace.

Alexander Kuijt, company director at BAM Infra: “By using drones we increase the safety of our employees and users of the infrastructure, we reduce the nuisance during inspections, and we are able to work more efficient. We collect a lot of data about projects, which lead to new insights and new application options.”

Roel van der Wal, founder of Drone Flight Company: “More and more companies are exploring the application options of drones. You can collect a lot of data in a short period of time. But it’s important to have it executed safely. We have the knowledge of manned and unmanned aviation to train people to become a certified drone pilot.”