It’s closer than you think. Paris region is preparing drone transport during the Olympic games in 2024. Japan is taking steps toward flying cars at the World Expo 2025 and the Amsterdam region is testing food delivery. Are you ready for the future?


Flying medical and passenger transport at the Olympics 2024

The world is preparing for the Olympic games in 2024. But there is more to it than training for the best sports results. Paris region is preparing for the best ways of mobility and that goes beyond ground infrastructure. The focus will be flying medical, cargo and passenger transport during the games. Pilot testing has already begun and the goal will be to establish two flight paths to fly in the densely populated city during the international event, which has about 6 million attendees normally. Learn more during our free webinar...

Food delivery via drone continues to gain momentum

A drone delivering a meal: in some countries it is already a reality. Amsterdam region is also looking what food delivery can add as a service in crowded areas. Just Eat Takeaway part of started a test with Dutch Drone Delta of meal delivery over the river IJ in Amsterdam. During the test a survey was done on the ground with pedestrians. Reactions were overall positive and pedestrians were surprised about the low level of noise nuisance. What will happen if drone traffic increases? How can we manage all the drone traffic in a safe and orderly way? Learn more during our free webinar...

Flying taxi network at Japan World Expo 2025

Japan will start flying unmanned drones flying end of this year after a successful testing period. No pilots are involved while these drones fly freely over people in urban city. The Japanese government is now preparing for flying cars at the Osaka Expo. During Osaka Expo 28 million attendees are expected. The perfect launch pad to revolutionize transportation. How could that work? Yumeshima, Osaka’s artificial island and the site of the World Expo, would be connected to airports and other areas in and around Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto by flying cars.
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How are cities preparing for the arrival of drones?

What happens behind the scenes? What could we be overlooking? How do we shape this future? Find out the opportunities and challenges from the experts in

   • Paris region
   • Japan region
    Amsterdam region



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