8 - 10 April 2025 | ADW 2025

Launching a Pan-European Urban Air Mobility

Projects & Initiatives Community to Foster Sustainable Development of the UAM ecosystem

The newly launched community aims to establish a Pan-European collaborative platform to facilitate knowledge sharing across UAM projects and initiatives in Europe.
Urban Air Mobility (UAM) projects and initiatives across Europe are increasingly on the rise. Whether they are projects funded, or practical initiatives supported, by the European Union (EU), Member States or Local Authorities, they all have an impact on cities and regions across Europe. The EU UAM Projects & Initiatives Community aims to set the stage for Urban Air Mobility by establishing a collaborative and exchange platform linked to the European Green Deal and Digital Agenda, in which each project is contributing with its own focus and expertise.

All UAM-related projects and initiatives, at European, National and Local levels are invited to join this community. For more details read here To join the community, and for further details, please contact: