2 - 6 December 2019, Amsterdam

Who should attend?

  • All 'Forbes Global 2000' companies looking to empower the drone industry.
  • All Companies in the Enterprise Mobility Services Market
  • All companies, SME's, organisations and start-ups who want to be prepared to act on the economic, consumer, and humanitarian potential of drone technology when regulations fall into place.

Why attend?

  • Join an international community of innovators and like-minded professionals in the field of unmanned aircrafts
  • Explore new drone technologies and applications from a broad variety of industries
  • Gain perspective on opportunities and future technologies around Unmanned Aircrafts.
  • Meet your next business partners, clients and competitors.

ADW pass - what's included?

  • Prepare to be inspired by top-of-the-bill thought leaders at the Grand Opening of Amsterdam Drone Week
  • Step into one of Europe's biggest drone areas with Drone Taxi Prototypes, Demo's, Drone Racing Demonstrations and Drone Flight Training.
  • Experience over 50 back-to-back sessions on topics such as Drone Air Infrastructure (U-space), Smart Mobility Solutions, Regulations and loads of Tech Solutions (DevOps)
  • Meet leading companies and organisations such as Airbus, Boeing, HikVision, IDS and Delft Dynamics

But most importantly...

  • Join a network of thought leaders and industry professionals who open doors to enhanced solutions for your existing and future business models.

What to expect

  • World premiere of Airbus in the field of Mobility as a Service
  • Showroom including impressing drones and UAVs from Airbus, the Dutch Research Institute (NLR) and the Ministry of Defense
  • Professional drone races with pilots from South Korea (the world champion!), Spain, France and The Netherlands, 3 x a day!
  • Exhibition stands from well-known players such as Airbus, Boeing, Bell, KPN and Vodafone
  • Two show floor theatres with interesting panels and presentations on Smart Mobility and the latest drone application


2 - 6 December 2019

Monday 2 December
Tuesday 3 December
Wednesday 4 December
Thursday 5 December
Friday 6 December


RAI Amsterdam
1078 GZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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