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5G World Alliance

The mission of the 5G World Alliance is to promote 5G as the Neutral Next Generation World Wide Wireless Internet by integrating new technologies with a holistic integrated approach combining IPv6-based Machine-to-Machine, Mobile Internet of Things, Mobile Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Fringe Internet, Tactile Internet, focusing on commonly agreed requirements to garner support for seamless worldwide networking interoperability and spectrum harmonization and foster coalition efforts to converge and focus the work for greater impact and exploitations for the common good. The expected global impact is to enrich the 5G market potential and dramatically empower the end-user with end-to-end experience, allowing world-wide equitable access to knowledge and technology, embracing a moral responsibility to the world.

ABI Research

ABI Research provides strategic guidance for visionaries needing market foresight on the most compelling transformative technologies, which reshape workforces, identify holes in a market, create new business models and drive new revenue streams. ABI's own research visionaries take stances early on those technologies, publishing groundbreaking studies often years ahead of other technology advisory firms. ABI analysts deliver their conclusions and recommendations in easily and quickly absorbed formats to ensure proper context. Our analysts strategically guide visionaries to take action now and inspire their business to realize a bigger picture.

About Global Market Insights

Global Market Insights is a global market research and management consulting company catering to leading corporations, non-profit organizations, universities and government institutions. Our main goal is to assist and partner organizations to make lasting strategic improvements and realize growth targets. Our industry research reports are designed to provide granular quantitative information, combined with key industry insights, aimed at assisting sustainable organizational development.


AirInsight, launched in 2009, focuses on commercial and business aviation programs. It is recognized as an authoritative source on commercial and business aviation programs, especially aircraft, engines, key systems, and supply chain companies that provide products and services for the industry. Tulinda Larsen joined the team as UAM Editor, a new section for Urban Air Mobility that has been added to AirInsight.


APANT is the national RPAS association of Portugal.


ARPAS-UK is the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. It is a not for profit trade association and professional body which supports and acts on behalf of the remotely piloted aircraft (RPAS) community, from start-up businesses to larger established operations. ARPAS-UK members continue to break new ground in markets where RPAS (sometimes referred to as UAVs or drones) are delivering significant benefits. On behalf of its members, ARPAS-UK works closely with industry regulators, in particular CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), as well as UK Government departments to influence and ensure that the regulatory framework for the safe and professional operation of remotely piloted aircraft is fit for purpose and encourages best practice. The Association also works with other key stakeholders in the development of national and international RPAS strategies and standards, to the benefit of its members. The Association works in the public interest, and advocates professionalism within its membership through compliance with an agreed Code of Conduct and the holding of appropriate permissions. The Association takes progressive stances on national issues to embed the RPAS profession in all end-user industries, to enable it to continue to grow in reputation and influence.

Avionics International

Subscribe to Avionics to get the insights into the latest technology and trends of the global aircraft electronics market. Stay updated on global aviation technology intelligence, including the connected aircraft, NextGen, avionics, innovation and global air traffic management. Enjoy our content across all platforms with our digital edition, designed with a responsive template to guarantee a superior reader experience across all devices, including tablets and cell phones.

Berg Insight

Berg Insight is a dedicated M2M/IoT market research firm based in Sweden. We have been specializing in all major M2M/IoT verticals such as fleet management, car telematics, smart metering, smart homes, mHealth and industrial M2M since 2004. Our vision is to be the most valuable source of intelligence for our customers. Berg Insight offers numerous market reports, detailed market forecast databases and advisory services. We provide custom research tailored to your requirements including focused research papers, business case analysis, go-to-market strategies and bespoke market forecasting. We have provided analytical services to 1000 clients in 72 countries on six continents to date. Our customers range from many of the world’s largest mobile operators, IT companies and telecom vendors, to venture capitalists, technology start-ups and specialist consultants.

BIS Research

BIS Research is a global market intelligence, research and advisory company which focuses on those emerging trends in technology which are likely to disrupt the dynamics of the market over the next five (or ten) years. With over 150 market intelligence reports published annually, BIS Research focuses on various technology verticals such as 3D printing, advanced materials & chemicals, aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare, electronics & semiconductors, robotics & UAV and other emerging technologies. Each research report incorporates detailed analysis and subsequent quantification of- market dynamics, market drivers and restraints, opportunities, threats, market shares, current and emerging industry trends as well as detailed competitive landscape and intelligence.

CIO Applications

CIO Applications Europe has fast culminated into the most sought after magazine Pan-Europe as it has transformed its course hand-in-hand with the technology and has culminated into a leading media brand, with a unique editorial focus on bringing to light the core innovations in technology.CIO Applications Europe magazine stands out with its unique approach of learning from peers approach offering professionals the most comprehensive collection of technology trends. The magazine is the single most successful initiative Pan-Europe to advice and guide decision makers regarding the latest in the fast-evolving technology landscape. We are determined to propose a myriad of additional services that can improve businesses and help customers deal with issues related to this industry.

CODE Magazine

The CODE brand is widely-recognized for our ability to use modern technologies to help companies build better software. With expert developers, a repeatable process, and a solid infrastructure, we will exceed your expectations. But don't just take our word for it - ask around the community and check our references.

Commercial Drone Professional

Commercial Drone Professional (CDP) is the daily-updated website for the fast-growing market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used in a commercial environment. Created to provide breaking news and in-depth analysis of the trends and developments shaping this vibrant sector.

Commercial UAV Expo

Commercial UAV Expo is the leading pan-European trade show and conference for the commercial drone market, focusing on Process, Power & Utilities; Civil Infrastructure; Construction; Aggregates & Mining; Surveying & Mapping; Law Enforcement, Emergency Response & Search and Rescue (SAR) and Precision Agriculture. Launched in the United States in 2015, Commercial UAV Expo received rave reviews from the start. Now, the winning formula is in Europe! Following a successful first edition in Brussels in 2017 and a move to Amsterdam in 2018.


The CompTIA Drone Advisory Council (DRAC) will represent and work with all facets of the drone ecosystem and explore new routes to market for this thriving industry. Its members are executives from hardware manufacturers, video and component manufacturers, mapping software, platform providers, insurance companies, experts in FAA regulations and policies, drone pilots and instructors, lawyers, and flight service providers. This council will help identify and document industry best practice standards showcasing the application of emerging aerial technologies in business today. This “think tank” of subject matter experts provides invaluable insight considered by CompTIA in the development of industry education, research, tools, certifications, and other business-enablement resources. Members will work to refine and enhance industry requirements to foster greater adoption and expansion of drone technologies.

Coordinates Magazine

COORDINATES, is an exclusive monthly magazine on positioning, navigation, associated technologies and applications. It also covers related technologies and applications like Mapping, Surveying, Cartography, Timing etc. It also highlights GIS, Remote Sensing, LIDAR, Photogrammetry etc. and their applications. An international magazine, Coordinates aims to take these technologies from the domain of experts to the realm of potential users. It intends to widen the horizon and broaden the canvas of these technologies from existing dominant fields to newer application areas and newer and wider target audiences. Coordinates is widely circulated in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, N. America and the rest of the world.

COTS Journal

The editors and staff of COTS Journal are dedicated to providing the industry with the best quality technical material to help readers design and build embedded computers for the military – whether for benign applications or for the most rugged, mission-critical jobs the battlefield, sky or water can offer. What differentiates COTS Journal from the rest of the pack – aside from its unique posture as the only technology publication addressing the military market – is the quality of its editorial staff. These seasoned veterans of computer, defense and publishing industries not only go the extra mile to provide the most up-to-date information in an easily readable form, but they themselves participate in the industry and are widely sought after to provide technology, market and trend briefings to the industry and government sectors.

Drone Federation Of India

The Drone Federation of India is the voice of the nation's UAV industry. As the premier trade association, DFI advances the interests of our members in government, industry and public affairs; improves the quality and profitability of manufacturers and service providers; encourages content and technology innovation; and strives to build a safer, scalable and sustainable flying environment in India.

Drone Major Group

Drone Major Group is the world’s first global commercial organisation dedicated to connecting, supporting and trading with all stakeholders in the global drone industry at every level and across every environment (surface, underwater, air & space). Drone Major Group is uniquely placed to provide the focal point and centre of excellence for all stakeholders in the global drone industry including; buyers, investors, operators, manufacturers, service providers, standards bodies, regulators and governments.

Drone Pilots Federation

Drone Pilots Federation is a non-profit educational organization with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status incorporated in the United States. We have approximately 400 members located in over 35 countries. The Federation's home base is in Sacramento, California.


Our core business is to create new knowledge in the field of unmanned systems. Our customers value our unique skill set combined with a very large network. This enables us to create comprehensive, detailed market studies in a very short time.


Things move so fast in the tech space, that the only way to be able to keep up tomorrow is to get ahead today. Until the dust settles, the commercial drones industry is the new wild west of technology; there is a lot of money to be made, unclaimed territory to be mapped, and there are hardly any rules. DRONELIFE is here to make sure you, the consumer, are up to date on all the latest drone news, product releases, YouTube videos and legal precedents so you can stay informed about the rise of the commercial drone. DRONELIFE also helps companies to get the word out with branding, lead generation, and content.


The DroneMasters are accelerators of vertical mobility. We have connected more than 100,000 experts and enthusiasts with meetups, conferences, and events. As project developers, we build platforms and prototypes, connect experts with start-ups, promote acceptance for drones with sports, education and inspiring formats. DRONEMASTERS meetups and conferences created a unique cross-industry platform for vertical mobility connecting more than 4,000 experts and enthusiasts. As a group of companies, DroneMasters are incubators, project developers and accelerators. We initiate projects, develop new business models, build digital platforms and flying prototypes, match corporates and investors with start-ups, connect experts with enthusiasts and promote acceptance for drones with sports, education and inspiring formats.


Dronewatch is the leading Dutch language website about drones. The website covers a wide range of drone related topics, including product news and reviews, updates about regulations, background stories and interviews with leading figures in the Dutch drone sector. Dronewatch also features a weekly newsletter and has multiple social media accounts. Dronewatch was established in 2014 by Wiebe de Jager, who is also the author of multiple books on drone photography and aerial filmmaking.

Drone Industry Wire

Drone Industry Wire is the only Press Release Distribution service dedicated to the Drone, Passenger Drone, UAV, UAS and UUV industries.

Drone Nodes

Drone Nodes is online communication platform that brings together both experts & enthusiasts in drone research, start-ups, business, and education from across the globe. Through our website, you'll read up on the technology we're following both through professional as well as recreational means. It's quite an exciting market to watch over much as the personal computer has been in the past century!

Drone Radio Show

My name is Randy Goers and I’m a city planner, strategist and drone enthusiast. For more than 30 years, I’ve worked to create livable and economically viable communities. As I watched the drone industry take flight, I knew we were on the verge of a new, transformative industry – one capable of driving economic growth, promoting sustainable development and dramatically improving our quality of life. I started the Drone Radio Show to showcase the dynamic opportunities that are emerging in the drone industry, how those opportunities are changing lives and more importantly, how you can be part of this exciting industry. My weekly podcast series features stories about drones and the people that use them for business, enjoyment or in their day to day life. Through their experiences, you’ll learn about business opportunities, ways to use your drone, and exciting applications on the horizon. You’ll hear from people just like yourself, who are using drone technologies to make a difference, make money or just have fun. Each podcast is packed with interesting and educational information, presented in a fun and engaging manner, providing ideas that you can use to take your interest in drones to the next level.

Drones Monthly

DRONES Monthly is a UK online magazine which targets drone operators and enthusiasts. It covers all kinds of news from the drone industry including latest product releases, reviews of products, projects focusing on the use of drones, all types of drones including quad-copters and multi-rotor drones.

Electronics Valley

ELECTRONICS VALLEY Inc. (EV) is an organization acting globally, with an intent to create a communication platform for a wide spectrum of industries specialized in aviation, aerospace and defense technologies. EV is devoted to knowledge sharing through networking, learning and developing partnerships. Having an ultimate goal of "Becoming an indispensable Knowledge Hub", EV has been organizing very significant and popular technology events in the fields of aviation, avionics and defense industry technologies since 2007. These events have grown richer both in scope and content, bringing together all key players from public and private sectors, and creating synergy among international organizations.


Expodrónica has established itself as a meeting point not only for the drone industry but for the leading knowledge-based in new technologies and the best showcase for new trends and innovations. With more than 25,000 visitors, 300 companies, the three most important drone manufacturers in the world, more than 1,000 media impacts and the best drone pilots in the world, Expodrónica will celebrate the best edition.

Flux Trends

At Flux Trends, we believe there is far too much information flung at us in the 21st century and we cannot digest it all. We edit data outside our immediate scope of interest – not as a matter of choice, but as a coping mechanism – because we are continually forced to prioritize. As a result, the information we rely on is incomplete, our social interactions are affected, the generation gap widens, and crucial business opportunities are lost. Too much information has become a very real problem. How can you determine which emerging ideas will impact on your business? How can you predict how your customers are changing before it is too late? And how can you stay ahead of your competition and build a future-proof, sustainable, business? Flux Trends distils the barrage of information that is hurled at us in the digital era. We identify and analyze macro trends (everything from politics, religion, youth culture, media, entertainment and technology) that influence social dynamics and therefore, our business interactions. We package this information into digestible chunks, allowing small or corporate companies to assess the current landscape and formulate new, forward thinking, marketing, branding and business strategies. In short, we translate trends as business strategy. Flux Trends is not your usual trends forecasting agency. We look at what’s happening in the world, right here, right now, enabling you to make quick, short-term strategies in a world that is constantly in a state of FLUX. Flux identifies trends that affect the way in which we live and work in the 21st century. We join the dots for you so your business can stay ahead of the curve.

General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) exists to foster and advance the general welfare, safety, interests, and activities of the global business and general aviation industry. This includes promoting a better understanding of general aviation manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and overhaul and the important role these industry segments play in economic growth and opportunity, and in serving the critical transportation needs of communities, companies, and individuals worldwide.

GeoConnexion Limited

GeoConnexion International and GeoConnexion UK bring you the latest news and stories plus reports from geotechnology industries in UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia. Coverage of topics such as 3D Visualisation, UAS, Remote Sensing, LiDAR, Cloud, Mobile Mapping, Navigation with emphases on healthcare, public safety, retail, the environment, utilities, surveying, LBS, transport/ logistics, telecommunications and more.


We provide resources for Geo-engineering users. Since 2007 we have promoted tools, methods and contents in the disciplines #CAD #GIS #BIM


We provide coverage, analysis and commentary with respect to the international surveying, mapping and GIS industry. Recognizing the integrated nature of the geospatial information industry, GeoInformatics presents thought provoking and useful information.


Geo-matching.com is part of Geomares BV in The Netherlands. With our publications GIM International and Hydro International, we have over 30 years of experience in the worldwide geospatial and marine technology industry. Find out more on our solutions, publications and services on our website.

Geomatics World

Geomatics World has an impressive three decades of delivering up to the minute news and covering hot topics to the Geomatics industry. GW is published in conjunction with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Geomatics Group and currently reaches 9,000+ people around the globe, both in print and online. Each issue has a range of articles, features, interviews and regular columns covering a wide range of topics including UAVs, 3D City Modelling, 3D Laser Scanning, GNSS, Airborne Scanning and LiDAR.

Geospatial Media + Communications

Geospatial Media & Communications is an internationally recognized organization that is committed to serving the stakeholders of the geospatial community. It aims to facilitate collaboration, and demonstrate the value and benefits of geospatial technology for organizations, governments and citizens. We are the creators of GeospatialWorld.net, Geospatial World Forum, and GeoBuiz report.

Geospatial World Magazine

Geospatial World monthly magazine (formerly known as GIS Development magazine) addresses current and relevant issues of the Global Geospatial domain. Each edition of the magazine brings for the latest news and happenings from the various part of the world, presents viewpoints of the experts, through interview and perspective articles, assimilate case studies and reviews on the recent and upcoming technologies, products and also advocate on various policy issues. Considered by the experts’ as one of the best publications in its field, the magazine enjoys a circulation of 15,000 copies to over 140 countries across the globe. The special focus of the magazine is in South Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America and African countries.

Drones Monthly

GIM International was launched more than 25 years ago and since then has firmly established itself as the leading global magazine for geomatics. Every month, a new issue is produced and distributed in print to thousands of professionals in 170 countries worldwide.

GIS Resources

GIS Resources is an initiative of Spatial Media and Services Enterprises with the purpose that everyone can enrich their knowledge and develop competitiveness. GIS Resources is a global platform for the latest and high-quality information for the geospatial industry, and brings you the latest insights to developing geospatial science and technology.

Global Connected Aircraft Summit

JUNE 2-4, 2020 | HILTON DENVER CITY CENTER | DENVER, CO Join us in 2020 for the 7th Annual Global Connected Aircraft Summit! Our exclusive event brings together the world’s largest airlines and companies from all across the aerospace and avionics industries. You’ll assess market lessons, potential demand and best practices in global connected solutions for the passenger, airline efficiency, and cutting-edge services, with the experts in the industry!

Global Security Magazine

Global Security Magazine, published in France, focuses on cyber security and logical security issues for a global audience.

HAPTIC R&D Consulting

HAPTIC R&D Consulting is a Romanian based consulting, global technology and engineering company providing innovative tech solutions and commercializes them. On HAPTIC.ro platform you'll find the most updated Market Research Reports and Products from various industries.


The Hedge Connection platform provides investors with access to a wide variety of investment opportunities, from deals and start-up ventures to hedge funds and private equity funds. In return, those seeking allocations gain access to the relationships that we have built over the past decades. Our online ecosystem, Fintroz, engages the financial community and facilitates relationship building and the free-flow of information between professionals. Woven into the fabric of Fintroz is our Deal Room, fund database, and Capital Club, through which fund managers have access to over $5 trillion in investor assets. Our premier one-on-one networking events, including the Global Fund Forum, complements our Fintroz product and are deeply integrated within. For over a decade, our clients have participated in numerous Hedge Connection related events, resulting in thousands of direct meetings and over a billion dollars in new investments.

IPv6 Forum

IPv6 Forum is an organization for creating awareness about IPv6 deployment. The organization consists of international Internet vendors, Internet Experts, Researchers & Education Networks.


Inofdon.es is a news service published by IDS (Information and Design Solutions, SL) , founded in 1999 with the aim of being a professional leader in Spain and Latin America communication and specialized markets Defense, Security and Aerospace information. Our mission is to provide professional, accurate, proven, independent and useful information for all market participants unmanned systems remotely, professionally, whether for commercial or military uses. We committed to being the first Spanish media in this new technology, both its technological and industrial aspects and its many applications. All it edited by journalists with extensive knowledge of the sector and a clear informative vocation, focused on the company and the market. IDS also organizes UNVEX, the largest professional event UAV / RPAS and the most recognized in Spain, where it has already held four editions and in Latin America with three editions.


The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a UN specialized agency, established by States in 1944 to manage the administration and governance of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention). ICAO works with the Convention’s 193 Member States and industry groups to reach consensus on international civil aviation Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and policies in support of a safe, efficient, secure, economically sustainable and environmentally responsible civil aviation sector. These SARPs and policies are used by ICAO Member States to ensure that their local civil aviation operations and regulations conform to global norms, which in turn permits more than 100,000 daily flights in aviation’s global network to operate safely and reliably in every region of the world. In addition to its core work resolving consensus-driven international SARPs and policies among its Member States and industry, and among many other priorities and programs, ICAO also coordinates assistance and capacity building for States in support of numerous aviation development objectives; produces global plans to coordinate multilateral strategic progress for safety and air navigation; monitors and reports on numerous air transport sector performance metrics; and audits States’ civil aviation oversight capabilities in the areas of safety and security.

ICAO Drone Enable

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Third DRONE ENABLE Symposium will be convened from 12 to 14 November 2019 in Montréal, Canada. The theme is "DRONE ENABLE/3 – Facilitating Future Innovation". The symposium will bring together key stakeholders from government, industry, academia, and international organizations active in the unmanned aviation sector to exchange research, best practices, lessons learned and respective challenges. Attention will be given to complex issues related to the introduction of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and UAS traffic management (UTM). The aircraft registry network, which ICAO has spearheaded, will be described including its purpose, intended functionality and interaction with national registry systems. Best practices will also be discussed to address cyber issues, information management, uncertificated unmanned aircraft (UA) operations in high seas airspace, operations above FL600, rules of the air and more.

Intelligent Systems Source

Intelligent Systems Source is a new resource that gives you the power to compare, review and even purchase embedded computing products intelligently. To help you research SBCs, SOMs, COMs, Systems, or I/O boards, the Intelligent Systems Source website provides products articles, and whitepapers from industry leading manufacturers—and it's even connected to the leading distributors and an assortment of manufacturer representatives. Go to Intelligent Systems Source now so you can start to locate, compare, and purchase the correct product for your needs.

IOT Insights

IOT Insights works with thought leaders in Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication to identify market opportunities and engage with key decision makers and influencers online as well as offline. IOT Insights tracks developments in IOT and M2M globally across a broad range of technologies, applications and industries. For more information, please visit our website.

Japan Drone Show

Japan Drone is the only international exhibition and conference, annually held in Japan, featuring drones (UAS) and its market.


JUIDA aims to facilitate the Japanese drone market in terms of industrial development. In July 2014, we established Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA) to promote the use of the rapidly developing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the private sector. By supporting the creation of new markets and industries related to drones, we aim to facilitate the healthy growth of the UAS industry. UAS opened up the industrial sky revolution thanks to their unlimited possibilities, and as such their utilization began in various fields. At the same time, research and development of new technologies and products have progressed rapidly, and international competition has been intensifying. We publish newsletters and hold seminars to instantly inform of internal and external trends and issues. We also promote safety measures of UAS operations by creating operation guidelines, accredited schools for drone pilots and flight safety management personnel, we issue certificates to them, and we convey constructive communication and suggestions to the Japanese government. Japan Drone Expo, taking place in Tokyo and hosted by JUIDA, plays a prominent role in the promotion and exposure of the UAS industry.

Manufacturing Tomorrow

ManufacturingTomorrow.com is an Online Trade Magazine featuring Products, Companies, News, Articles and Events for the Advanced Manufacturing, Factory Automation & 3D Printing industries. Industry 4.0. With an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization, our philosophy is to create an outlet where the industry can share information and report on itself.

Avionics International

Subscribe to Avionics to get the insights into the latest technology and trends of the global aircraft electronics market. Stay updated on global aviation technology intelligence, including the connected aircraft, NextGen, avionics, innovation and global air traffic management. Enjoy our content across all platforms with our digital edition, designed with a responsive template to guarantee a superior reader experience across all devices, including tablets and cell phones.


mediaGEO is the reference Italian network for advanced technologies on geomatics, smart geography, GIS, GNSS and smart city with 65K monthly unique visitors, 5K social media followers and 5K traditional readers. GEOmedia and ARCHEOMATICA, with paper and online issues, are read by surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, agronomists, GIS specialists and remote sensing operators. Public and private companies, technical departments of the central and local Government, Research Institutes and Universities are our biggest subscribers, beacuse they can read original articles, case studies, news both in Italian and in English language.

Mind Commerce

Mind Commerce is an ICT strategy company that has focused exclusively on Information and Communications Technology for over twenty years. With deep roots within the ICT industry, we are well-connected and often called upon by clients to improve their understanding of current challenges, identify future opportunities, and provide vision for the next 5 to 10 years. The Mind Commerce ICT consulting practice covers many important telecom and IT topics with a concentrated focus on certain key emerging and highly disruptive technology areas including: Artificial Intelligence, Broadband, Cloud Computing, Data Management Analytics, Edge Computing, Immersive Technologies (Augmented and Virtual Reality), Industrial Automation, Internet of Things, and Robotics.


The reason for the existence of MyDearDrone.com was to reduce the complexity, confusion, and an overload of information on UAV, Drone, Unmanned and Quadcopter by creating a unique website which is designed and structured purposefully to help users to understand and study the drone in a practical way. All of this information, news, reviews, guides, and videos are 100% free to access, read and collaborate, The main reason behind it offers free knowledge of drone throughout the Internet. We believe that Drones are one of the most significant innovations of this century and it has touched many people's lives through entertainment, careers and ultimately saving human lives. With My Dear Drone discover how it can be part of your life to improve your life and ultimately improve the world. So come and experience the World of UAV with us.

National Association of Tower Erectors

The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) is a non-profit trade association in the wireless and broadcast infrastructure industries providing a unified voice for tower erection, maintenance and service companies.

Robotics Tomorrow

RoboticsTomorrow.com is an Online Trade Magazine featuring Products, Companies, News, Articles and Events for the Industrial Automation, Robotics and Unmanned Vehicle industries. With an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization, our philosophy is to create an outlet where the industry can share information and report on itself.

Rotor & Wing International

Our free magazine (to qualified subscribers) provides the helicopter industry’s best coverage of military, commercial and public service helicopter operations. Every issue is packed with valuable information on topics such as: aerodynamics, maintenance, regulatory matters, new aircraft, and new technology.

RTC Magazine

RTC magazine spotlights trends and breakthroughs in the design, development and technology of industrial-grade embedded and IoT systems. The publication offers broad based technical, product and market-coverage of the embedded computing arena to technical decision makers. With strong market analysis and technical content, RTC is the magazine engineers and managers rely on for timely coverage of this expanding industry. We offer FREE subscriptions for qualified subscribers.

Shenzhen UAV Industry Association

Shenzhen UAV Industry Association ( SZUAVIA ) is China's first UAV association established on Oct 31st, 2015. It is consisted by 52 market leaders of the UAV supply chain, which includes manufacturers, technology development companies, upstream and downstream industries.


StartupAmsterdam is a four-year public/private initiative with the goal of fortifying and showcasing Amsterdam's startup ecosystem and the initiatives that facilitate connection. When we say “ecosystem”, we mean: startups, scale-ups, local & international tech talent, accelerators/incubators, co-working spaces, startup/tech academies, corporates, investors, research institutions, universities, governmental bodies and even other startup cities. StartupAmsterdam’s ultimate goal is to unify all these players, amplify their voices and bring Amsterdam’s narrative to the global arena, positioning the city as the centre point of the European startup and tech scene.

Skylark Drone Research

We provide market research and consulting services in the emerging commercial drone market.

Sky Review

Our aim is to create a media with objective experts' information about modern technologies in the field of air navigation, ATM and UAS. Air navigation is a conservative industry, but over the past 10 years significant changes have taken place in it. New concepts, designed to improve efficiency and security, new technologies that allow to implement what was previously available only on paper.

StartUp City

StartUp City is an initiative to help customers find their solutions in a place where they usually do not look at, the world of startups. Because we believe that innovation does not merely flow only from the depths of the big guns in the Silicon Valley to developing firms; it can travel in both directions. StartUp City is the first of its kind independent platform for decision-makers in various industries in the US for trends, news, views, updates, and inside look at the various solutions and much more from the burgeoning startup ecosystem. We believe that every startup story offers a bit of the unexpected. Through StartUp City Magazine, we aim to bring together investors, accelerators/incubators, CIOs, CEOs, CPOs, and stakeholders with new age startups under one roof—shedding light on the audacious solutions of functional startups. These solutions have a proven track record of helping companies across verticals, from science to money management, from medicine to technology and from multimedia to e-commerce and a multitude of domains.

Taynuilt Associates

Taynuilt Associates Limited provides consultancy, training and contract services to private, public and third sector clients in a variety of areas including; major event security management, corporate security management, policing and law enforcement, crisis management including testing and exercising, risk management, business continuity management, and human performance and decision-making.


"Too many Tech Events and too little time to attend? Watch your next Tech Event online! TechEvents.online provides a curated selection of videos from leading Tech Events about Saas, Big Data, Lean UX, Virtual Reality and many more subjects. Select your favorite Tech Event and watch it online. TechEvents.online "

The Skyport

Welcome to The Skyport, your portal to understanding the growing world of on-demand vertical flight. We recently launched this in-depth newsletter focused on the evolving urban air mobility space and the wide array of technical, regulatory and infrastructure challenges associated with this burgeoning market. Our editorial teams have been covering this sector non-stop, looking at evolving FAA drone regulations, new aircraft prototypes as they are unveiled, Uber’s search for the right vehicle to support its business strategy and much more. Curated by Skyport Editor Brian Garrett-Glaser, this newsletter will be delivered to inboxes every other week in an easy-to-read, mobile-friendly format. It will contain the key points of news and analysis you can’t afford to miss, along with insider scoops and pretty pictures of aircraft. With this five-to-ten minute read, we’ll keep you up to speed on the evolving challenges and opportunities in the urban air mobility space. The Skyport issues every other Thursday. If you’d like to sign up and be among the first to receive it, please fill out the brief form below so we can better understand our audience. Your support is greatly appreciated, and we hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Tower Times

Tower Times is the official magazine of NATE and is published bimonthly, with NATE member companies receiving complimentary issues. Subscriptions to the magazine are also available. In addition to the regular committee updates and columns from Legal and Marketing Representatives, Tower Times is filled with Association news. The magazine also features articles on safety and health, OSHA directories, editorials, and various other informative articles. Advertising is available at a reduced cost to members. Visit the Advertising Information link to view the Media Planner and for further advertising information.


Tractica, an Informa business, is a market intelligence firm that focuses on emerging technologies. The group’s market research and consulting services provide industry participants and stakeholders with in-depth analysis of emerging technology trends, business issues, market drivers, and end-user demand dynamics across application domains including home, mobile, health, automotive, enterprise, and industrial markets. Tractica’s global market coverage combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to provide a comprehensive view of the emerging market opportunities surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, User Interface Technologies, Advanced Computing, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, and Wearables & Digital Health.

TwinGeo Magazine

TwinGeo is a magazine focused on the spectrum value chain of GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins - Smart Cities.

Unmanned Airspace

Unmanned Airspace is the world’s only dedicated UAS traffic management, urban air mobility traffic management and counter-UAS focused news service and information portal. It is aimed primarily at air navigation services providers (ANSPs), government security agencies, transport departments, law enforcement organizations and the military. It provides daily news coverage and a weekly newsletter, with news, views and analysis. We want to be the first information hub that UTM, UAM and C-UAS procurement decision-makers come to when they are seeking new systems and services from industry. We have spent years creating a targeted list of procurement decision-makers in the agencies responsible for acquiring drone management and protection systems. Our website news service keeps our growing audience up-to-date with events in the industry via social media (twitter and LinkedIn) alongside the news services we provide. We are dedicated to providing independent, authoritative and reliable information, free to all our audience. Our directories of UTM and counter-UAS systems are the most comprehensive and up-to-date in the world. Our newsletter reader is growing at a rate one new subscriber per day and had reached 450 subscribers in January 2019. We closely monitor our website traffic and have a detailed record of which website areas our audience visits, how long they stay and what they download from the site. The audience is global with around one-third of readers based in the USA.

Urban Air Mobility News

Urban Air Mobility News is the world’s only dedicated information portal for air taxi and urban drone operations. It provides daily news coverage and a weekly newsletter, with news, views and analysis. We want to be the first information hub that air taxi and urban drone operation procurement decision-makers come to when they are seeking new systems and services from industry. We are dedicated to providing independent, authoritative and reliable information, free to all our audience.

Urban Mobility Daily

The Urban Mobility Daily is an initiative of the Autonomy team to share content with their growing community of business leaders, innovators, policy makers and cities which comes together each year at Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Summit held in Paris. The 2019 edition will be from 16 - 17 October. We welcome content on the above verticals from a wide variety of sources.

Urban Mobility Summit

The Urban Mobility Summit will be held during Autonomy 2019 16 – 17 October in Paris and will explore the exciting big-picture ideas in mobility that contribute to combating climate change and pollution while decreasing congestion. Topics such as AI, Smart infrastructure, AVs, MaaS and the Disruption of business and economic models will be explored through a series of keynotes, firesides chat and round tables. Speaking opportunities are reserved for founders, c-level executives, published experts or high-level city authorities who will challenge the audience to think about mobility-related challenges in new and complex ways.

Urban Transport Infrastructure

Urban Transport News publishes a bimonthly journal titled “Urban Transport Infrastructure”, which is globally recognized and accredited by the CIEPS (International Centre for the Registration of Serial Publications) with ISSN: 2581-8023 and indexed with Indian Citation Index. The journal is widely read in 91 plus countries and appreciated by various Ministries/Govt. departments, Planning Commission (NITI Aayog), Academic & Research Organizations, Think Tanks, Corporate Groups, Key Industry Leaders and other reputed organizations worldwide.

Urban Transport News

Urban Transport News is a specialized and independent Indian Media Firm engaged in the promotion of Government’s initiatives and private players role towards the solution of Urban Mobility challenges in various metropolitan and suburban cities across the world. Apart from publishing news updates, views and insights from the Metro, Railways, Road/Water/Air transportation, Electric Mobility, new Technology & Innovation, and allied industries, the Urban Transport News offers high-quality branding solutions and strategic business consultancies for the engineering & infrastructure industries.

Unmanned Systems Technology

Unmanned Systems Technology is the world’s largest technical resource for Unmanned Systems. We focus solely on the technology, products and services for unmanned land, sea and air vehicle applications. With the largest global audience of unmanned systems professionals, no other media puts your business in front of a bigger or more qualified readership.

Unmanned Systems Technology Magazine

Unmanned Systems Technology (UST) is a bi-monthly print publication focusing entirely on the innovative engineering that’s successfully pushing boundaries on land, in the air, at sea and even through the universe. UST is unique – the first ever publication to focus entirely on providing independent coverage of the engineering at the heart of unmanned vehicles. It applies the same rigorous scientific approach to this brave new world as critically acclaimed Race Engine Technology magazine brings to the subject of racing powertrain technology. Published 6 times a year, UST probes today’s cutting-edge projects to provide in-depth research insights – rigorous investigation is backed by professional peer review and critical analysis.

WITI Summit

vFor 26 years running, the Women in Technology Summit has served as the premier gathering for more than 1,500 women and men from around the world, who converge in the Silicon Valley for three special days to build relationships, collaborate, and update their technical and leadership skills. The 2020 Summit will be held June 23-24, 2020 in San Francisco.

Women And Drones

WomenAndDrones.com is the largest online platform for women in the UAS industry. We enable women to connect, collaborate and make global business connections to grow their network.

Women In Technology International

Carolyn Leighton founded WITI to help women advance by providing access to - and support from - other professional women working in all sectors of technology. WITI started in 1989 as The International Network of Women in Technology and, in 2001, evolved into The WITI Professional Association, the world's leading trade association for tech-savvy women. Today, WITI is the premiere global organization empowering women in business and technology to achieve unimagined possibilities. With a global network of smart, talented women and a market reach exceeding 2 million, WITI has powerful programs and partnerships that provide connections, resources, opportunities and a supportive environment of women committed to helping each other. Along with its professional association of Networks throughout the U.S. and worldwide, including Hong Kong, Great Britain, Australia, and Mexico, WITI delivers value for individuals that work for a company, the government or academia, as well as small business owners. WITI products and services include: Networking, WITI Marketplace, Career Services/Search, National Conferences and Regional Events, Publications and Resources, Small Business Programs, Research, Bulletin Boards and more.

Women Who Code

Our mission is to inspire women to excel in technology careers. We envision a world where women are proportionally represented as technical leaders, executives, founders, VCs, board members, and software engineers.

Women Who Drone

Women Who Drone is an online platform and community that inspires, educates and empowers women and girls with drone technology. We do this by providing drone education including creative one on one lessons, workshops, online courses, prospective career opportunities and a community of women and mentors who fly drones around the world.

World Airnews

World Airnews is Africa’s oldest and widest-circulating aviation journal now entering its 45th year of publication. It is read regularly by senior executives, chief pilots, fleet captains, purchasing officers, engineers etc. of national airlines, commuter airlines, air taxi and charter operators; civil airport authorities; by commerce and industry plus senior air force personnel. As well as Heads of State in many countries, as well as Ministers of Transport and Defense; corporate aircraft owners; pilots and aircrew, as well as people in all walks of life who are interested, or directly involved, in the aviation industry. In addition to our printed copies, the full magazine is available for downloading from our website.

World UAV Federation

The regulation of the World UAV Federation (WUAVF) is as follows: establish the industry standard for UAV industry, promote the development of UAV industry, drive the innovation of UAV technology and products, cooperate with the government’s guidance and management of the industry, protect the legitimate rights and interests of member companies and forge a harmonious order of market competition. World UAV Federation and the Shenzhen UAV Industry Association are working in deep co-operation achieve this. WUAVF mission is help it’s local chapters around the world while SZUAVIA is focusing on China mainland operation it forms of Drone World Congress, local conferences. WUAVF is founded in June 2017 by Mr. Jincai Yang who has over 30 years of experience in security associations and media companies. The board of the WUAVF consists of Mr. Jincai Yang as President, Mr. Jani Hirvinen as Vice-President and Mr. Norman Ng as Secretary-General