Urban Air Mobility becoming a part of our national airspace

Urban Air Mobility becoming a part of our national airspace

  • 26 February, 2020
  • Amsterdam Drone Week
  • Urban Air Mobility

Over the past year the news on the industry of Urban Air Mobility has been overwhelming. From special partnerships, to fundraising records, the Urban Air Mobility or UAM industry seems to be rising and is moving rapidly. 

The development of an electric aircraft is not the only thing that made the UAM industry rises. The main challenge of the industry is safety and they will need to have rules and regulations in order to guarantee the safety of future passengers. Then new infrastructure needs to be developed or old infrastructure needs to be modified and improved, to accept these new type of aircrafts. 

Aviation companies such as Airbus, Boeing, Bell and Embraer have prototypes that are performing flight tests. Together with these traditional aviation companies, new companies have launched promising products as well. Read the full article for more information on these designs. 

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