The way forward: Urban Air Mobility

Michael Thacker, Executive Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Bell and member of Amsterdam Drone Week’s Board of Recommendation, provided an overview of what Bell's ambitions are for the future.

“Today we are presenting the conceptual approaches we believe will work not only for a more mobile, more functional American future, but that will create more freedom and efficiency in how we work and live. Opportunities that can create a cleaner, quieter, more efficient urban environment, and advanced technology solutions that offer any number of job opportunities in our US-based facilities or with one of our many talented partners. We are committed to a stronger, more mobile future, and will do our part to bring it to life.”

Bell is breaking away from the two-dimensional way of thinking and is working towards a multi-dimensional world where they are addressing the challenges of air transportation within urban areas. Due to rapid technological growth, the technology and design of aircraft will continue to evolve over time. "Regulations must evolve to enable innovation in the service of community needs without sacrificing safety expectations."

Read Bell's full whitepaper here.

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