The key safeguards of operating a drone

  • 06 August, 2018
  • Carmen Ferrari
  • Partner News

The drone industry is a fast developing sector of aviation, with great commercial potential. UAS are being developed in all sizes, from large cargo aircraft to small consumer drones. It's especially the smaller drones that are increasingly being purchased in Europe. Although national safety rules apply, the regulations differ per EU country.

EASA has put together a publication of do's and don’ts of operating Unmanned Aircraft in which they address a number of key safeguards. These safeguards have been designed for small commercial drones. All drones available on the market have CE marking, a number between 0 and 4 that specifies the class of the drone. The classification C4 is constructed for drones up to 25 kg.


See the list of key safeguards for small drones here.

Want to know more about safety for operating civil drones? Check out EASA's website






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