Involi joins U-Space of Switzerland

  • 23 April, 2019
  • Amsterdam Drone Week
  • News

Involi will join the U-Space of Switzerland, the first country-wide collaborative effort for safely and securely integrating drones into the airspace.

The U-space designed a services and procedures at European level to enable situational awareness, data exchange and digital communication for the European drone ecosystem. The drone ecosystem will be powered by the U-Space since the future promises an increase of millions of drones for advanced commercial applications.

“INVOLI will contribute to the U-Space its unique low altitude air traffic data for drones, data gathered through a network of in-house developed detection devices, deployed as a dense network covering the whole country.”

Together with Swisscom, a Swiss telecommunication, projects of the INVOLI systems will be tested for flight awareness purposes in the low altitudes.

Read the full article here.

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