Improving the drone connectivity with 5G

Improving the drone connectivity with 5G

  • 05 May, 2020
  • Amsterdam Drone Week
  • UTM Connectivty

The challenges of the near future in the drone ecosystem is regulation of the drone traffic itself and its integration with the current manned aviation. Currently, there are already a large numbers of drones in the airspace and the expectation is that this number is only going to rise. The potential of drones and its applications are very promising for the future, but it is important to find a structured solution that regulates all the traffic in the airspace, unmanned and manned. 

With all these challenges, aviation authorities around the world have initiated different programs to define the rules of drone operation, with regards to the commercial use of drones. The drone traffic management systems will be similar to the air traffic control systems of manned aviation. For example, the FAA use the system Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) while in the European Union a similar concept is called the U-Space. The future coverage, established procedures for users and globally standardized technology of drones makes cellular networks the perfect fit for a controlled and trustworthy system for drone operations. 

Mobile networks are a good fit to support low-altitude drone communication, but  also to be integrated with drone traffic management systems to enhance the safety and security of drone operations. 

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