Guangzhou as first urban air mobility pilot city

Guangzhou as first urban air mobility pilot city

  • 26 August, 2019
  • Amsterdam Drone Week
  • News

Ehang chose Guangzhou as the first urban air mobility pilot city to establish a low-altitude transportation network that can shuttle passengers and goods.

This project will ensure that multiple AAV’s can fly above the city in a safe and efficient way and to help to build an infrastructure to support the urban air mobility.

First, routes and vertiports based on practical application scenarios will be tested before moving this a step further to commercial operations.

Hu Huazhi, EHang’s founder, chairman and CEO, commented: “We are very excited about exploring the various meaningful ways in which AAVs can solve some of the stressors our congested cities face. We are in conversations with other cities, not just in China, to develop safe, efficient and affordable autonomous air transportation.”

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