Ford has acquired the vehicle-integrated drone patent

Ford has acquired the vehicle-integrated drone patent

  • 23 October, 2019
  • Amsterdam Drone Week
  • News

Ford has taken the next step in the drone industry as it obtained the patent of a “vehicle-integrated drone”. The drone will be programmable and can be used during emergencies.

For example, car and truck drivers can send the drone into the air to have a better view by lighting up the accident scene. Next to that, the drone can produce sirens, forward photos and videos, navigate and enhance the emergency communication. Ford says that this drone can be of use to different groups, especially law enforcement and drivers in rural areas.

The company’s research manager John Luo and scientist Adi Singh are positive that Ford customers will want to involve this new innovation in their daily lifestyle. Ford currently engages in in-house research on the drone area while taking part in the “regulatory conversations at the federal level”. Aiming to build the foundation of the drone area, it wants to make sure that its vehicles provide the right experiences to its customers as it moves to a smart world. 

Read the full article of Commercial Drone Professional here.


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