Flying animals as inspiration

Flying animals as inspiration

  • 28 September, 2018
  • Amsterdam Drone Week
  • Blog Partner News

The first autonomous, free-flying and agile flapping-wing robot has been developed by the researchers of TU Delft, partner of Amsterdam Drone Week. The insect-inspired flying robot improved the "understanding of how fruit flies control aggressive escape manoeuvres."

Interesting for the future

Such knowledge will help researchers understand animal flight patterns. This is also a source of inspiration for researchers, who are trying to develop the most efficient robots.  In the article, Professor Guido de Coon explains that "Insect-inspired drones have a high potential for novel applications, as they are light-weight, safe around humans and are able to fly more efficiently than more traditional drone designs, especially at smaller scales."
Read more about this collaboration between TU Delft and Wageningen University and watch the video of the flying insect robot here


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