EASA release its U-Space opinion

EASA release its U-Space opinion

  • 26 March, 2020
  • Amsterdam Drone Week
  • Rules & Regulations Partner News

The EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) has just released its long awaited U-Space Opinion. Few days after the Federal Aviation Administration ConOps update, another essential document for UTM is out. The objective of this U-Space opinion is to create and harmonize the necessary conditions for manned and unmanned aircrafts to operate safely in the U-Space airspace in order to prevent collisions between aircraft and to mitigate the air and ground risks. The U-Space regulatory framework is supported by simple and clear rules that are permitting safe aircraft operations in all areas and for all types of unmanned operations. This opinion is a first step in regulation that allows unmanned aircraft safely fly in the U-Space and let unmanned aircraft systems and U-Space technologies evolve. 

Read here the U-Space opinion of EASA.

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