AirHub Launches Drone Management Software with AirMap UTM Integration

  • 28 November, 2018
  • Amsterdam Drone Week
  • Partner News

During Amsterdam Drone Week, AirHub launched their new AirHub application with integrated airspace services from Airmap.

The impact of drones is increasing more in the European society and economy. Efficient planning to fly, safe integration of drones and support for drone operators are needed. Therefore, AirHub produced tools for drone operators to manage administrative and pre-flight workflows quick and easy, this gives them more time for flying. These tools include a Reliable Airspace Map, Efficient Flight Planning, Unmanned Traffic Management and Flight Control and Logging and Operations Management. 

“With AirMap airspace services integrated into the AirHub application, operators can manage their drone operations in compliance with regulations in Europe and around the world.”

Read the full press release on AirMap airspace services integrated into the AirHub application here.

Find out more about AirMap on their website.

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